Parisian Goes Modern




I am on a memory lane with my time in Paris, so I’ll have to talk about The Germain, which was one of my favorite restaurant designs during my visit. Paris is a city of culture known for keeping up with the latest trends. As one walks the streets of Paris there is a wide spread of styles, but no place hits the modern style quite like The Germain does. The Germain is a cafe and restaurant located in St. Germain of the city’s left bank. India Mahdavi, the designer, really sets the modern space apart, while still using vintage pieces. Through the open windows in the spring and summer, people are drawn in from the streets by visible bold colors and patterns. The overall palette is black and white, but pops of color appear throughout the cafe. Mahdavi does a great job thinking three-dimensionally. The black and white checkered floor pattern works directly with the black and white “Mondrain-esque” ceiling panels. Another three-dimensional contribution is the large abstract yellow sculpture of a woman, which starts on the first floor and protrudes through the second floor. Whether it is for lunch, drinks, or an exquisite dinner, The Germain is a place you cannot miss in Paris. Also, don’t miss the hot pink pool table on the VIP second floor after climbing the fun, swanky staircase.

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