The Parker Palm Springs

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The Parker Palm Springs Hotel, located in Palm Springs, CA, is one of my favorite destination spots. As you travel through the hotel, you arrive a different eclectic areas of design. Immediately before the entrance, there as a large geometric white wall that is a loud statement. It brought me to an architectural heaven before even stepping foot in The Parker. During my last visit, I had brunch at Norma’s for the first time and I loved it. Not only was the food delicious, but the seating area was funky and cute! Jonathan Adler’s decor and dinnerware really makes Norma’s a special brunch spot.


Design by Jonathan Adler is prominent at The Parker, showing eclectic colors and mid-century forms. The furniture pieces are very unique. Pops of bright colors are featured throughout the hotel, yet it still maintains a clean and sophisticated look.

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The lounge area by the entrance of the hotel is enclosed in a abstract geometric wall, creating a connection with architectural exterior. There are multiple seating areas in the room surrounding a central fireplace, giving a mod space plan. I personally love the hanging rattan eggshell chairs!


Look out for the  discreet entrance to Mister Parker’s, the hotels restaurant, on the left as you continue into the hotel! Mister Parker’s has  dim lighting and a very moody, romantic feel to it. There’s banquette seating, chandeliers, and a piano that all work together to create this environment.parker2parker3

Central to in the downstairs space of The Parker, there are two exquisite spaces perpendicular to one another. One space has bright fabrics and accessories contrasting the white brick wall. This area of the hotel really shows the overall eclectic and playful feel the design encompasses. Across from this space, there is a bar inset into the white brick wall. This allows for an intimate space, within a very public area.

Be sure to visit soon and enjoy!

Xo, Steen