Easter Sunday


Easter Sunday this year was a success. My family and I ventured to the hip neighborhood of Silverlake in Los Angeles for the day. I wanted to wear something “springy”, but something out of the ordinary. I raided my closet & found a new combo for an outfit! I wore a pink embroidered vest to bring in an Easter color. I then paired it with my vintage navy blue high waisted skirt. It’s white stitching tied in with the vests embroidery. Due to the day calling for a lot of walking around I opted for my white wedgies(originally meant for swing dancing). Here are images below showing my look. Also, check out my family’s outfits as well. My dad’s pants were on point!



For brunch we went to Cliff’s Edge. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Silverlake and I love the decor. Check out my past post on Cliff’s Edge: http://designandsteen.com/2014/07/31/cliffs-edge/