Jayne’s Gastropub


Located on 30th St near Adams Ave in San Diego, CA you will find Jayne’s Gastropub. This has been my family’s favorite happy hour spot for the last few years. Now that I have relocated back to San Diego, CA, I can’t help jump on the band wagon. This place has everything I could hope for in what you would want to consider your “local spot”. Here are  my top three reasons:

1. FOOD & DRINKS. Of course, your favorite happy hour spot has to have some top-notch food and drinks. The happy hour menu is to die for and comes at a very reasonable price. My favorites are the fish tacos and the white bean crostinis. Craft cocktails on the happy hour menu are also top-notch. My go to is the old fashion, but ask the bartenders to whip you up anything & I guarantee it will be quite tasty. Also, I do recommend coming here for dinner (and 100% order Gambas Al Aljillo). Also, they are famous for their Jayne Burger.


(Photo from http://www.jaynesgastropub.com)

2. DECOR. As an interior designer, I can’t help but make decor one of the main reasons to have a liking to any restaurant/gastropub. It has a British Pub vibe, with a neutral palette of whites, backs, and woods. The hints of gold in the signage and cool lighting gives this gastropub a casual, but classy ambience.


3. PEOPLE. You will find the owners present quite often, and if you’re lucky you will get to meet their adorable daughters who steal the show. They are great people and they, along with all of the staff, are extremely friendly. The whole Jayne’s crew makes it very easy to make you want to consider Jayne’s an almost home away from home.

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(Photo from http://www.jaynesgastropub.com)


With that said, I highly recommend putting Jayne’s Gastropub at the top of your list!


Xo, Steen