Jimmy’s Famous

Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern location has gained me as a frequent customer at their San Diego location. The food is always promising and so far I’ve had zero complaints. I’ve tried everything from the salmon salad to the western burger. I love that Jimmy’s is tavern style, but still has great food. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to get quality food where there’s quality drinks at a casual location. Yes, of course, there are a lot of places that serve great food & great drinks, but usually they don’t give the tavern vibe that you can find at Jimmy’s. There is a casual and relaxed feeling at this place, whether you’re inside alongside rustic woods or on the patio overlooking the San Diego Harbor. However, there is some sense of sophistication brought in. This sophistication is seen in the interior design. The overall finishes are rustic with reclaimed woods and metal, but they are contrasted with sophisticated lighting, signage, and upholstery. Personally, I love the signage on the main wall of the bar area. It is giant letters that light up spelling, “FAMOUS”. I love that this signage represents the name of the restaurant, yet it’s not overplayed. For example, it wouldn’t be the same aesthetic if it had the complete name, “Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern”, on the wall. Here are some photos below from the Jimmy’s website(http://j-fat.com/):