Chihuly Garden & Glass

The Chihuly Garden & Glass Art Museum in Seattle, WA is incredible. Dale Chihuly’s art is mind blowing with the amount of detail he can show through these glass forms. The museum is located at the Space Needle. The view of the Space Needle behind the bright colored glass is beuatiful.
  Inside there was an exhibit that was inspired by the octopus. It’s like they knew I was coming to town! Since the octopus is my favorite animal and they really inspire me, this exhibit was perfect to me. The octopus is already such an intricate form, so to be able to resemble this with glass is beyond  impressive.

    A lot of the glass is in very saturated bright colors making them truly eye catching. Here are some of my favorites from the inside area below.
  As you enter the garden, it feels like you are walking in Wonderland. I love how the glass sculptures can transform a place into something so magical.
   Be sure to check this place out next time you’re in Seattle!

Xo, Steen