Herb & Bitter

  Herb & Bitter Public House is located in Seattle, WA. I stopped by for a drink with a friend and loved the look of this place. It has a very eclectic vibe combining old with new materials. They had a gilded ceiling painted black, which allowed to keep ties to history while working with the the industrial touches throughout the space. The ceiling also had wood coffers, where ceiling fixtures hung from. This was one of those industrial touches. The marble countertops and intricate wallpaper gave a classic and sophisticated element. However, the space still had a relaxed and easygoing environment.


One of my favorite things about herb & Bitter was how they displayed their menus. All of them come inside children’s books. We scored with a classic Dr. Seuss menu. The drinks we ordered were also very good. We tried an old fashioned and a whiskey drink with lavender. Their menu is constantly changing, so who knows what other yummy drinks they have to offer!
  In the shelves of the bar, they have a statue of a lion. I thought this added a unique touch. I loved it, especially because my mom, dad, and brother are all Leos. I hope you enjoy Herb & Bitter as much as I did!

Xo, Steen