The new vegetarian spot in South Park, Kindred, stole my heart. If there was “interior porn” this would be it. My love of marble, geometric patterns, and pops of pink are seen harmoniously throughout the restaurant. The bar is central and in clear view, as you enter, drawing you in. The booths and dining tables function around the bar in a connected way. I would have to say the pink wall paper behind the bar really steals the show. The softer tone of pink allows the wallpaper to stand out, without making the bar look too busy. It’s complimented well with marble tones, a white & lighted coffered ceiling, and a light wood bar.


When entering the bathroom, you transition to a much different mood with blacks and whites. The bold patterns tie it in with the rest of the space. The various cat artwork gives that swanky vibe I love, which can also be seen in the giant black sculpture in the dining area. The combination of this piece and all the art gives Kindred a hint of a death metal look.


Another thing I loved about Kindred, is the connection of the indoors and outdoors. Instead of having more dining tables outside, it appears to have bar tables that transition from inside to the outside. This also allows for the marble at the bar to transition outside, which creates an overall unified space.


For more information visit Kindred’s website here.

Xo, Steen