The Whiskey House

The Whiskey House is located in the Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego. I was very excited to check it out last night! It’s in a more isolated area of the Gaslamp, but a quick walk to the busy streets of bars and restaurants. This made the restaurant feel more intimate. I love the combination of styles that are seen in the decor. There’s the industrial side shown through an exposed ceiling, chalkboard menus, and wood shelving. On the other side of things, you get a more old school vibe through the brocade and velvet fabrics seen in the banquettes. The lounge seating, however, is on the contemporary side. It’s difficult to throw so many styles all in one space, but they did a great job! By putting small touches of the styles throughout the space in a balanced manner, a harmonious and unified space was created.    As you enter, your eye is immediately drawn by the giant Whiskey letters at the back wall. At night the letters light up and can be seen from outside.This is great for bringing in people walking by. I’m a big fan of using wall letters as art! It keeps it simple, but still makes a statement.The combination of the whiskey lights and the hanging fixtures balances the space well. It also ties back into the idea of mixing styles. The letters bring the industrial side, while the chandeliers bring the old school side. The pendants above the bar are more on the contemporary side, bridging the other styles together. img_3358-1img_3349

Over 900 whiskeys can be found here in their giant whiskey menu! The right side of restaurant is bottles from floor to ceiling, almost serving as an accent wall. The well designed space continues on in their craft cocktails. I ordered a Sazerac and the presentation was beautiful! Check out that ice cube!

Be sure to check out The Whiskey House soon! I know I’ll be back! For more information, visit their website here

Xo, Steen