The Gallery @ Sketch

 The Gallery at Sketch is located in London, England. The restaurant is open for afternoon tea and dinner. The idea of The Gallery is to have rotated long-term artists. Everything from the wall art to the dinnerware is part of the artist’s collection. David Shrigley is the current artist at The Gallery at Sketch. He has unique black and white drawings and ceramics, which have a playful touch. I love the idea of the dinnerware also being designed by the artist. It is as if your food is also a work of art. This creates a unique dining experience.


India Mahdavi is responsible for the interior backdrop for Shrigley’s artwork. She created a monochromatic pink interior, which is calming and sophisticated. The space’s harmony and balance is quite impressive. The forms of space are classic and nod to avant garde. The pink color scheme, along with Shrigley’s contemporary art, contrasts the classic elements creating an eclectic space.


The art gallery continues on within the staff’s uniforms. The Gallery also has a fashion designer design a uniform per exhibition. The current fashion designer is Richard Nicoll. I love how the monochrome style is continued, but with gray in the uniforms. The structure of the clothing is probably the most fashion forward form I’ve seen for a wait staff.

Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of visiting the Gallery at Sketch in person, but it’s certainly on my list of must see’s! If you’re in London, you have to check this place out.

All photos are from Sketch’s website. For more information, click here.

Xo, Steen