Cactus Prints

Cactus prints have always been a personal favorite of mine. It’s probably due to my love for Palm Springs and the desert. Along with being a symbol for the desert, I love that cactus is a symbol of endurance.  This is due its ability to stand up to the test of time and to adapt to situations/environments. With that said, I have been very excited to see the amount of cactus prints trending lately! They have been seen all over from wallpaper to lighting to clothing. Below are a few of my favorite items I’ve come across the last few months!


Floral Halter Cactus Top by Forever 21

Cactus Light Sign by Creative Motion at Wayfair

Cactus Swimsuit by Batoko

Watercolor Cactus Wallpaper by Ane Wall Decor on Etsy

All The Cacti Embroidery Art by Mountains of Thread on Etsy

Cactus Sneakers by H&M

Cactus Duvet By Home Republic

Xo, Steen