Megan Hess Illustration

Megan Hess  is known for her fashion illustrations for high end fashion lines, such as Prada and Dior,  and the Sex and the City book. Megan’s collection consists of a variety of products from stamps to trays to art prints. My personal favorites are black and white art prints with a pop of color. These prints would make an amazing gallery wall in a home office or dressing room.

print_FASHIONDOOR_Dior_1024x1024 print_FASHIONDOOR_HERMES_1024x1024 print_FASHIONDOOR_TIFFANY_1024x1024 print_FASHIONDOOR_VERSACE_1024x1024 print_new_French_Girl_1024x1024 print_new_Tiffany_Girl1_1024x1024 print_newyorkfw2_1024x1024

I also love Hess’s tabletop collection, which include “couture show” plates , a table runner, and napkins. She also has unique cocktail trays. I picture these items at a “girls night in” cocktail party.





You can purchase the items above and more on Megan Hess’s website.

Xo, Steen