Agate Wallpaper

Agate stone is a beautiful translucent form of quartz that can be a variety of colors. It is often used as a coaster, a tabletop accessory, and framed art.  I’m loving the new trend I… Continue reading

Black & Floral

Since I can remember, black has always been my go to color. I love bright colors, but black always ends up being the most flattering. In the summertime, I find myself torn. I’ll… Continue reading

Lilac Accents

I’m loving lilac accents in interiors lately. It’s a nice switch up to the trend of pink this year. It has the same soft and light feeling mentioned in my recent post, Shades of… Continue reading

Batgirl Fringe

“I’m strong enough and smart enough for anything you throw at me.”-Batgirl While growing up, my big brother was a huge Batman fanatic, so naturally I became a Batgirl fanatic. This Batgirl graphic… Continue reading

Shades of Blush

Shades of blush has been all the rage this year. Blush is also a perfect summer color. It’s lightness makes interiors feel refreshing, but the warm under tone makes the spaces feel inviting.… Continue reading

Floral Opulence

Summer solstice really kicked up the heat here in San Diego, CA. I needed something light & airy to keep me cool. This vintage 1930s floral dress did just that, while still being… Continue reading

Macrame Rapture

The 1970s craft of macrame is back in style and I’m loving it! Macrame is made of cord or yarn hand-knotted into intricate patterns that appear to be web-like.  These designs are seen in wall decorations,… Continue reading

Earth, Air, & Metals

The combination of natural materials, soft colors, and mixed metals is truly beautiful. They can create an inviting, eclectic, and relaxing space.  Natural flooring is a great material to achieve this style. Driftwood and… Continue reading

Straw & Classics

A classic combination of black and white is always a go to look. I took advantage of the weather heating up as summer approaches. I mixed a white leotard with high-waisted black shorts, creating… Continue reading

Organic Modern

Modernism is one of the most beloved styles of interior design. However, if not executed properly, it can come off cold and rigid. One way to avoid this is to add organic elements. These… Continue reading