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Velvet & Sisal

Velvet & sisal, an unlikely pair, bridge components of the regency style and the bohemian style. This creates an overall eclectic vibe. However, as seen below, this combination can adjust well from style… Continue reading

Holiday Place Cards

Hello, November! Every year, as Halloween comes to an end, it seems as my brain automatically changes gears for the Holidays. I love creating DIY tabletop decor for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Today, I’ve… Continue reading

A Touch Of Mexicana

The Mexicana style has always been an eye-catching look with its vibrant colors and intricate details. My mom is from Mexico, so, in a way, I have a tie to the Mexicana style.… Continue reading

Rock N Roll Chic

Creating a rock ‘n’ roll inspired room, without getting too kitschy or childish, can be a challenge. By using a black and white color palette with pops of gold and sophisticated furniture forms,… Continue reading

Put A Cork In It

Today, cork has become one of the most versatile materials used in interior design. One may instantly just think of wine and pin boards, but there are so many more items nowadays. Due to… Continue reading

Mediterranean Mod

The Mediterranean style has always been one that catches my attention. However, it tends not to go hand in hand with my mod taste. When thinking of how to combine these styles, I came up… Continue reading

Among The Wildflowers

My current obsession is wildflower wall murals and wallpaper. I love how vibrant and eye catching they are, which makes them a great accent wall. This look can be done in many rooms,… Continue reading

Banana Leaf Me Happy

Banana leaf prints are one of my favorites with their vibrant green color and Palm Springs vibe. From art prints to fashion, this trend has been taking over summer. Here are some of my… Continue reading

Wallpapered Stairs

Wallpapering stairs is an easy and creative way to makeover your staircase at an affordable price. Another way to go about this is painting with a stencil, but wallpapering is a less time consuming… Continue reading

Honeycomb Decor

It’s safe to say I’m honeycomb obsessed! I’m loving everything honeycomb related from tile to shelving to art prints. Add a bee print in there and you’ve pretty much made my heart explode.… Continue reading